School Day

8:00 am               Breakfast Club opens
8:45 am               The main gate opens - Princedale Road
8:55 am               Class registers are taken
9:00 am               The main gate is closed
10:30-10:45 am   KS1 and KS2 morning play
11:45-12:30 pm   Early Years lunch
12:30-1:20 pm     KS1 and KS2 lunch
2:30-2:45 pm       KS1 afternoon play
3:20 pm                Main gate opens - Princedale Road
3:20 pm                End of day for children in the Early Years Owlets Centre
3:30 pm                School ends
3:30-6:00 pm      After School Play Service

The Early Years Owlets Centre

Children in the Early Years enter through the main school gate at 8:45am. Staff are ready to welcome children and families at this time and parents and carers are encouraged to stay and settle their children at the start of the day. Parents and carers are welcome to speak with staff and join in with indoor/outdoor learning activities with their child. Children in the Owlets Centre have a very busy day and engage in a variety of meaningful learning experiences through play. The children in nursery and reception have allocated times for free-flow opportunities where they learn and play together. The day is carefully planned and structured so there is an appropriate balance of child-initiated and adult-directed activities. Children who attend for morning sessions, can be collected from the school office at 12:30pm. Those who attend for the whole day, can be collected from The Early Years Owlets Centre when the main gate opens at 3:20pm.

The main school day

All children and families are welcomed by senior leaders at the main gate at 8:45am. Children can collect a freshly baked bagel and calmly make their way to their classroom. Members of staff are stationed in the main entrances and corridors within the school building and class teachers welcome each pupil as they enter their classroom. Learning starts straight away with an engaging independent task displayed on the interactive whiteboard.

Class timetables are carefully organised by teachers and senior leaders.  Maths and English are taught in the morning sessions and foundation subjects are generally taught in the afternoons. Early Years and KS1 children all have developmentally appropriate phonics sessions in the mornings and transition times throughout the day are used to recall key number facts and mental maths skills. During the school day, children have timetabled ‘Brain Breaks’. These sessions promote well-being by activating the attentional regions of the brain, helping children to feel relaxed and alert.

At the beginning of each half term, parents and carers receive an overview of the half term’s learning; this also includes key dates for class trips, Music and P.E sessions. At lunchtimes, older children are given responsibilities as Playground Ambassadors and Play Buddies. Learning Leaders throughout the school read and play with children in the Early Years at lunchtime; other older children facilitate games, help members of staff in the lunch hall and look after play equipment.

At 3:30pm, children in year 1 are collected from their classroom door and pupils from years 2-6 come to the main playground with their teachers. Adults collecting children go to the class group, where the teacher will dismiss their child.