School Day

8:00 am     Breakfast Club opens
8:30 am     The playground gate opens; the playground is supervised
8:55 am      School starts
9:00 am     Nursery starts
10:25-10:40 am     Reception/KS1 morning play
10:50-11:05 am      KS2 morning play
12:00-1:00 pm       Nursery lunch
12:15-1:15 pm         Reception/KS1 lunch
12:45-1:45 pm        KS2 lunch
2:15-2:30 pm         Reception/KS1 afternoon play
3:15 pm     Nursery ends
3:30 pm    School ends

The Nursery day

Children arrive at Nursery through their own entrance on Princedale Road. Nursery starts at 9:00 am, to allow parents and carers with children in the main school to drop older siblings off first.

If children arrive late, they must come to the main school entrance so the office can mark their arrival in the electronic register. A member of the Nursery staff will come and collect them from the office.

Children are collected from the Nursery entrance at 3:15 pm. 

All visitors to the Nursery must come to the main school entrance on Penzance Place

The main school day

Children should be in the playground ready to line up with their class when the bell rings at 8:55 am. Teachers lead them into class.

At the end of the day, the gate is opened for parents at 3:20 pm. Parents and carers of children in Reception and Year 1 collect their children from the classroom doors. Children in Years 2-6 come to the main playground with their teachers; adults collecting them go to the class group, and the child gives their name card in to their teacher as they leave. 

Teachers organise their own timetables. As a general rule, we try and fit Maths and English into our morning lessons. Reception and KS1 children all have a phonics lesson straight after morning play. Classes also have a short (five to ten minutes) Maths meeting at the beginning of the afternoon, to help with remembering key number facts and mental Maths skills.

At the beginning of each half term, we send home a “Big Picture” of the half term’s learning. This also includes which days children need to have their PE kits in school. Big Pictures are also available to refer to on the website.

At lunchtime, older children are given responsibilities as Playground Ambassadors and Play Buddies. Some Year 6 children play with our Reception class, who stay in the Reception outdoor learning area at lunchtime; other older children facilitate games, help midday meals supervisors, and look after play equipment.