School Clubs

We are very pleased to be able to offer a variety of after-school clubs, changing slightly from term to term. Some clubs are age group specific, some are open to all. The charge for clubs depends on the length of the half term, and is payable in advance. Some of our sports clubs are funded by our PE grant, and so are free.

Clubs running this term:

Monday          Mathletics (free)

Tuesday         Y5/6 boys’ football (free), Y1 Book Club, KS2 Ukulele, KS2 drama

Wednesday    Y2 Book Club, Y5/6 girls’ football (free), KS2 Wallball (free)

Thursday        Y3 Book Club, KS2 Guitar and Keyboards

Friday            Homework (free), Y2-Y6 Streetdance (free)

Coming in the spring term … archery and fencing for KS2.

In order to protect the quality of the clubs we offer, spaces are limited. 


Girls football