Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to develop children’s character, intellect and curiosity.  We have high aspirations for our children and aim to offer them a broad, challenging and engaging curriculum.

By the time children leave our school they will:

  • Be kind, confident, well-mannered, thoughtful members of society who embody our Christian values of perseverance, respect, friendship and forgiveness
  • Speak confidently and in Standard English, with a broad range of vocabulary, in formal situations, for example children should be able to argue a point and  greet a visitor 
  • Have knowledge of a core set of books and poetry that they can make links to and draw upon
  • Have a broad general knowledge and understanding of the world for example of historical facts, geographical sense of place and religions
  • Understand the cultural and historical influences that have shaped this area of London
  • Be ambitious for their futures, expecting that he or she can follow career paths that take them onto higher education such as university or an apprenticeship
  • Enjoy and appreciate the arts and be able to participate in performances, for example music, poetry, dance and drama
  • Understand their body, how to keep it healthy and enjoy participating in sporting activities
  • Have healthy relationships with an age-appropriate understanding of sex education
  • Be able to keep themselves safe (both online and on the streets) and know how to avoid confrontation and resolve disputes peacefully through restorative approaches
  • Have a love of learning and self-efficacy around studying
  • Be passionate about looking after our world and take active responsibility for making a difference in our world

Please take a look at our curriculum policy


Lost and Found

Year Group Curriculum Overviews

We follow the National Curriculum from Years 1 to 6. We have organised the National Curriculum programmes of study into our own curriculum.

From time to time, we change our topics and have a whole school focus, to add interest and excitement to the curriculum. We also have regular themed weeks, such as Science Week, Book Week and Faith Week.

Reading Corner