Behaviour/Reward Scheme

We have high expectations of behaviour, and our reward systems and sanctions are explained very clearly to all children. Our school values underpin how we manage behaviour.

We encourage children to take responsibility for their actions, learning to recognise that actions have consequences and that if we make a mistake, we should try and put it right. Forgiveness is a key part of our school. When children have made a mistake, once they have had their sanction and made their apology, they have a fresh start. We encourage children to forgive each other when they hurt each other’s feelings. We recognise this is sometimes difficult and we work with children to put themselves in each other’s shoes and mend friendships.

We want our children to be intrinsically motivated to make positive choices, enjoying school life within a loving and secure environment. We work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure that children reach their full potential and are able to manage their feelings and behaviour appropriately.

Our Values 

Our six school values are compassion, creativity, forgiveness, friendship, thankfulness and excellence. Our assemblies and class Circle Times allow us opportunities to reflect on these values and how we conduct ourselves in school.



Each week, two children from each class are presented with certificates in assembly, for excellent learning or for displaying aspects of our ‘High Expectations’ pledge.

  1. We are relaxed and alert.
  2. We take risks with our learning; when we make a mistake, we learn something new!
  3. We share our ideas and wait for our turn to speak.
  4. We respect everyone's opinions and ideas.
  5. We believe in ourselves and persevere through tough challenges.
  6. We know that if we work hard, we can achieve anything.

Top Table

Every week, children from each year group are chosen to sit on Top Table for lunch on Friday - a special table with a member of staff, with their lunch augmented with fruit juice, bread sticks and a platter of fruit. This is a reward for polite manners and excellent behaviour at lunchtime.

Class systems

Class teachers use a behaviour chart in class and this system encourages children to reach ‘golden land’ or ‘rainbow’ for demonstrating desired behaviours. When a child demonstrates consistent positive behaviour for learning, they can also be awarded a green card. Green cards are stored in class and two children are chosen each week to be celebrated in Friday assemblies. 


Children whose behaviour disturbs their own or others’ learning are moved down on the behaviour chart in class and persistent negative behaviour can result in them receiving a maximum of two yellow cards. These warnings remind them that they need to make good choices and change their behaviour. They are given opportunities to reflect on what they need to do in order to achieve a green card and move back up on the behaviour chart in class. Children who demonstrate serious negative behaviour after these warnings will receive a red card and these are logged by class teachers and shared with senior leaders. Parents will be informed of serious negative behaviour. For further information regarding these systems, please read our uploaded behaviour policy.

Click here to see our full Behaviour Policy.