Our Ethos

St Clement and St James is a Church of England school. Being a Christian school is an important part of who we are – it informs our vision and values, and how we interact day to day. It was founded (originally as two separate schools) in the 1860s to serve the poor communities around the two school buildings, and we remain committed to serving our local children. The school includes many children of other faiths or no faith, and it is very important to us that all feel welcome and included in the St Clement and St James family.

We believe in education its most holistic sense. We value academic success; equally, we value the emotional well-being and spiritual, social and emotional development of children.

We are proud to be part of this vibrant area and an important part of the community. We serve five parishes (St Clement and St James, St Helen’s, All Saints, St Peter’s, St John’s) and have especially strong links with St Clement and St James. We also have links with Latimer Christian Fellowship, the ClementJames Centre and the Rugby Portobello Club.

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