Our Church Links

We are proud to be part of this vibrant area and an important part of the community. We serve five parishes (St Clement and St James, St Helen’s, All Saints, St Peter’s, St John’s) and have especially strong links with St Clement and St James.

St Clement and St James Parish Website

We have school services in St James Norlands church to celebrate major Christian festivals and to mark important events in the life of the school. Children take an active part in preparing and leading these services, and parents are warmly invited to attend. 

Once a term, KS2 has a Eucharist service at St James Norlands church. Children who have been confirmed are invited to take communion; all others are invited to eat the Bread of Friendship if they wish, a symbol of our belonging.

St Peter’s Parish Website

St Helen’s Parish Website

St John’s Parish Website

All Saints Parish Website