Year 5


Google Classroom

From Monday 8th June all of your online learning will be found on Google Classroom. Please refer to the information sheet below to access your account.






Daily Activities

From Monday 1st June, all of the classes in Key Stages 1 and 2 will be following the same system for home learning: the Oak National Academy lesson series for English and Science/Theme and the NCETM lesson series for Maths. This means that your home learning will look very different from the weekly grids and resources you have been used to. This page will now be updated daily with links to three online lessons - just click on the rectangular, green icons to get started.

You can still scroll down this page to look back at the previous home learning grids which were set by Miss Bourne, to find any tasks you haven't completed yet. You can also review the suggestions for daily relaxation activities, brain breaks, physical challenges, familiar songs to sing along with and recordings of fiction and non-fiction texts to listen to, if you would like to use them. We love to see what you have been doing. Examples of work you're proud of can be emailed to Your emails will be forwarded to Miss Bourne who will respond to every message she receives. 



Week Commencing 8th June 2020

We have moved all learning activities to Google Classroom and look forward to seeing you there! Log-in details have been sent to parents via text messages. Please refer to the information sheet and the video (below) to guide you to access your account.

Parents' guide to Google Classroom

Video guide to logging in



Week Commencing 1st June 2020

Friday 5th June

Happy Friday to 31 of our favourite people!

Well done on another week of learning at home and adapting to a new way of working. Hopefully, you are enjoying your new British history lesson series. The children working in school have already tried the art activity you will be working on today and the results are outstanding; you might really enjoy this one. 

Thank you to those of you who have already logged into your Google Classroom accounts and completed the quick survey to let us know that you have navigated the system. It's really important that everybody has a go at logging in so that you are ready for Monday's launch. Underneath your lesson links for today, you will find a link to the video guide. You will need your personal log-in details, which the office team have supplied for you (text messages went to parents). If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Bourne. We can't wait to be able to interact with you more!

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend! If you're looking for something new to read, the link for the latest edition of The Week Junior is below.

All good wishes,

Miss Bourne, Sheila, Charlie and Rita

Friday's Maths

Friday's English

Friday's Art

The Week Junior

Video Guide to Google Classroom

Thursday 4th June

Welcome back! 

We hope that your week is going well so far and that you enjoyed learning about the story of Thomas Beckett. Today, you will be finding out about Richard I and King John. Under your lesson links, you will also find the link to today's 'World's Biggest Assembly' (streamed at 10am).

Keep smiling!

Miss Bourne, Rita, Charlie and Sheila

Thursday's Maths

Thursday's English

Thursday's Theme

The World's Biggest Assembly

Wednesday 3rd June

Hello again!

Well done for getting started using the new style of learning yesterday. Please click on the links below to find today’s lessons.

Have a great day!

Miss Bourne, Sheila, Rita and Charlie

Wednesday's Maths

Wednesday's English

Wednesday's Theme

Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning, Year 5! 

We hope that you enjoyed your INSET day yesterday and that you chose lots of great activities to try.

From today, all of the classes in Key Stages 1 and 2 will be following the same system for home learning: the Oak National Academy lesson series for English and Science/Theme and the NCETM lesson series for Maths. This means that your home learning will look very different from the weekly grids and resources you have been used to. This page will be updated every morning with the links to your three lessons for the day - just click on the green boxes below this message to get started.

It was wonderful to see your hard work on the Walt Disney theme and especially the examples of your artwork and character designs. To start off your morning, you'll find below Mila’s Grumpy dwarf and Jomari with Peter Pan and Dumbo.

Best wishes,

Miss Bourne, Charlie, Rita and Sheila

Tuesday's Maths

Tuesday's English

Tuesday's theme

Monday 1st June

Dear Larks Class, Parents and Carers

We hope that you all had a lovely half term.  Today is an INSET day so there won't be any work uploaded to the web site. If you would like to do some activities today then you can choose some from the link below.  You could also look back at activities set in previous weeks and complete any which you haven't tried yet.

Enjoy your day and remember to check back tomorrow for your home learning activities.

With warmest wishes,

Miss Bourne, Sheila, Charlie and Rita

Oak Activity Clubs



Week Commencing 18th May 2020

Dear Larks Class, Parents and Carers

Please read on or watch Miss Bourne's weekly video message here:

It was a pleasure to speak with you last week and to catch up with your news. The positivity you are all showing is incredible and we are very proud of you. It was great to hear that you are enjoying learning through lots of mini-topics. Several parents reported that they have been learning a lot along the way, too – the Larks Class are clearly fantastic learners and teachers!

Miss Bourne promised that she would share her scores from the TGL-PE challenges (30 seconds each): Step Up - 23; Squat - 26; Jump Yourself - 12; Plank-King 12; Tennis Step-Over - 10; One Foot Passing - 24; Speed bounce - 22; 3-bar - 3. Let us know how you got on! There’s still plenty of time to have a go – just look back at the home learning grids from the previous two weeks to find the links.

You may have heard the recent announcement from the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, about the plans for re-opening schools gradually. From 1st June, only the youngest children and Year 6 will be invited back to school so that they can spread out across the classrooms. This means that all Year 5 children across the country will be continuing to learn at home for a while longer and we shall wait to find out when we can go back to school. It’s lucky that you have got so good at independent learning! We miss you all and are waiting patiently until we can be back together again.

This week, our mini-topic is Delightful Disney. You will learn about Walt Disney and the company that was built up in his name, then discover how Disney films are created. You will use some familiar Disney stories to inspire your writing and create some characters, settings and play scripts of your own. We cannot wait to see your ideas!

Next week, we will take a break from home learning because it will be half-term. Have a wonderful time; you deserve it. If you’re looking for things to keep you busy in your spare time, why not have a look for some inspiration in the ‘Boredom Busters’ link below your home learning grid?  

Keep in touch! 

 Miss Bourne, Rita, Sheila and Charlie

Video message from Miss Bourne



Week Commencing 11th May 2020

Dear Larks Class, Parents and Carers

Please read on or see Miss Bourne's weekly video message here:

Welcome back for another week! We hope you had a good long weekend and that you caught a bit of the sunshine if you have been going out for exercise. We have really enjoyed seeing some recent examples of what you have been up to. What a creative and talented class we have! Your ‘cracking contraptions’ made us smile. I wonder how you have been getting on with the physical activity challenges, too? Miss Bourne has been working on getting faster and will share personal bests when the challenge is complete - there are still three left to have a go at this week.

Have you seen the video that the SCSJ staff have made for you all? You can find it here:

Hopefully, you know that today (Monday 11th) is book swap day. From 11am - 2pm, you will be able to take your school library book along to the front entrance where the lovely Tina will be waiting to clean it with anti-bacterial wipes and help you to choose something new. Please remember to follow the instructions about social distancing so that we can keep everybody healthy.

Wonders of the Natural World is our mini-topic this week. There are seven of these; perhaps you will know something about some of them already. You will be learning about these fascinating places and the countries where they can be found. We would love to see some of your art work.

You will see that The Week Junior is in a slightly different format that will make it easier to read this week. We especially liked the articles about the VE day celebrations and the bald-headed monkeys.

This Wednesday, 13th May, Miss Bourne is looking forward to phoning you all for a catch up (going backwards through the register this time). It will be great to hear your voices again! Please remember that the number may show up as ‘withheld’. Parents who work during school hours: feel free to contact the school office to let us know the best alternative time to call you; Miss Bourne is happy to be very flexible around your timetable.  

Have a great week!

Miss Bourne, Charlie, Sheila and Rita

Video message from Miss Bourne



Week Commencing 4th May 2020

Dear Larks Class, Parents and Carers

Please read on or click here for Miss Bourne's weekly video message:

We hope you are all staying safe and smiley. Miss Bourne has spotted some of you in Holland Park or Wormwood Scrubs or Notting Hill, social distancing as you get your exercise. Well done for keeping up the good work! You are doing your bit to keep yourself and other people healthy. Remember to wash your hands with soapy water as soon as you get back indoors.

It’s time to get your thinking caps on for this week’s mini-topic: Inspiring Inventions. Every man-made object you see around you has been invented by somebody with a good idea and the right attitude. This week you will learn about the stories behind all sorts of inventions, from aeroplanes to Hawaiian pizzas! You will have some fun with Wallace and Gromit and work on some cracking contraptions of your own. There’s also a ‘Just for Fun’ challenge to make a Rube Goldberg machine (underneath this week's activity grid); make sure you get permission from an adult if you’d like to try it.

In other news, your physical activities for the next two weeks will be brought to you by TGL-PE. Click on the link then select the daily challenge by clicking on the black writing.

Two more audio-books will be added each day. We begin this week with the story of the aviator, Amelia Earhart. Your fiction choice was written by Tom Palmer, the author of the football crime series, Foul Play, which some of you have read before. He imagines what would happen if a baddie character from his book came to life…

It’s always great to hear from you. Please keep your home learning pictures coming or send us an email just to let us know how you are and what you’ve been up to. Mrs. Dowthwaite’s new favourite lockdown hobby is putting examples of children’s learning on the SCSJ Instagram page. If you do not agree to your photos being put online, please let us know in your email.

Take good care of yourselves!

Miss Bourne, Sheila, Rita and Charlie

Video message from Miss Bourne



Week Commencing 27th April 2020

Dear Larks Class, Parents and Carers

Miss Bourne has a few messages to give you this week so you can either read on or click on the link here to see the video recording:

We really enjoyed speaking to lots of you last week. It was great to hear that you’re keeping safe and well and enjoying your PE and themed learning, as always! We also heard that many of you are missing school and your friends. It’s OK to feel a bit fed up sometimes but remember that life will get back to normal eventually! In the meantime, keep busy to make the time fly. Why not have a look at some of Miss B.’s boredom busters in the link below? The ‘Learn to Beatbox’ clip is one of our favourites!

Our mini-topic this week is Marvelous Medicine. You’ll be finding out about the sometimes gruesome history of hospitals and famous Doctors who have shaped the way we treat illnesses. Be prepared for some blood, guts and gore! We have been hearing a lot about the NHS recently (maybe you have joined in the ‘Clap for Carers’ on Thursday evenings) but what is the NHS and what does it do? Click on the document below to begin your learning. You will also be thinking back to our War and Peace topic and finding out about the famous wartime song which has become popular again during the Coronavirus outbreak.

You will see that there are new options on your home learning grid this week. The first is the link for ‘The Week Junior’ so that you will always know where to find the latest edition. The second is a link to the ‘Sing Education’ music lesson channel. Do you remember when Mr. Cadman filmed your music lessons? Look out for some familiar faces on the clips…

Finally – as she is missing our daily reading for pleasure time – Miss Bourne has recorded some texts for you to listen to. Each day, two audio files will be added to the document list below. One will be a non-fiction text and the other will be a story. These will include famous myths and legends, adventure stories and stories to make you think or laugh. You might choose to listen to these as a break or a bedtime story. We begin the week with the short story I’ll take you to Mrs. Cole and the biography of Neil Armstrong, who was the first astronaut to set foot on the moon.

Thank you to those of you who have sent in photos of what you have been doing at home. It was good to hear how much the Chocolate-themed week was enjoyed. You are clearly working very hard and we love hearing from you.

Keep smiling!

Miss Bourne, Rita, Charlie and Sheila

Video message from Miss Bourne



Week Commencing 20th April 2020

Dear Larks Class, Parents and Carers

Welcome back! We hope that you have had a superb Easter Break. It has been good to see some of you smiling and waving on our daily walks. Miss Bourne is looking forward to catching up with you on Monday 20th April; please listen out for your phone call.

This week, we begin our new series of mini-topics, starting with… Chocolate! Click on the link below to discover where chocolate comes from and find out about George Cadbury and what made his recipe so special. You will also be designing some chocolate bars of your own!

We are missing you lots and hoping that you are keeping safe, well and happy. 

All good wishes,

Miss Bourne, Charlie, Sheila and Rita

P.S. Thank you to the mystery Easter Bunny who left the 'Best Teacher' Easter egg at Miss B.'s door! You gave my household a delicious treat to share. Please pass on my thanks to whoever helped you with the shopping.



Week Commencing 30th March 2020

Dear Larks Class, Parents and Carers

Welcome back! Your home learning tasks for this week are in the document below. We hope you enjoy writing and reading about some thrilling survival stories in the final week of our topic.

Have a wonderful Easter break - you have worked so hard this term and you deserve it. 

Remember: keep washing your hands!

Miss Bourne, Sheila, Rita and Charlie



Week Commencing 23rd March 2020

Dear Larks Class, Parents and Carers

We hope that learning at home is going well. It's going to take a bit of getting used to at first! Have you tried the 9am workout sessions yet?

You can find your tasks for this week by clicking on the document link below. This week and next, we will complete our 'Survival' theme as we would have done in school.

Stay healthy!

Miss Bourne, Rita, Charlie and Sheila