Year 4



Week Commencing 30th March 2020

Week 2 of Remote Learning

Monday, 30.3.2020

English RE

As we approach Easter, we have put together 3 English lessons that will explore the Easter story. Today, have a look at the missing words text and see if you can fill them in. Then, use the text to answer the Guided Reading questions at the bottom of the document, in your books. On Friday you will be asked a 'big write' question which you must answer with all the evidence you have and your opinions, so please pay close attention to each lesson. Check back on Wednesday for the next lesson.


This week we are going to finish our Stone Age topic. You have done so well remembering all the information about the progress humans made through the three ages; stone age, bronze age and iron age. What fascinating people we were!

This week you will look a little harder at the iron age. Take a look at the document attached and it will take you through the last lesson and the exciting task in store for you!


Here's your weekly maths quiz. Check the answers and send me your results and any other questions you might have on



Week Commencing 23rd March 2020

For children who are not able to attend school, this page will be updated with work that the children can complete throughout the week. Also included are our school prayers, links to MindUp and some links to the songs we have been practicing in singing assembly in case the children are looking for some familiarity.

Prayers and Singing Assembly

Morning Prayer

Dear Lord, 

Thank you for this brand new day.

Help us to embrace opportunities for new learning. 

Show us how to listen and love. 

Support us and our friends. 

Guide us to excellence in all that we do today. 


School Prayer

Lord of the loving heart, 

May ours be loving too. 

Lord of the gentle hands, 

May ours be gentle too.

Lord of the willing feet, 

May ours be willing too. 

So may we grow more like you,

in all we say and do. 


Singing Assembly

Our God is a Great Big God

My Lighthouse

This is Amazing Grace

Jacob and Sons/Joseph's Coat

MindUp and Brain Breaks

Every class takes part in three brain breaks throughout the school day. Brain breaks are under five minutes each and give children calm time to focus their minds on one thought at a time. Please follow the link below and give your a child the opportunity to continue these at home by listening to the recording provided. MindUp has put together a bank of resources and activities you may like to explore together at home. 

Brain Break and Activity Links

Daily Reading - Free books to download and read:

Free Audiobooks from Audible

Oxford Owl

World Ebook

Selection of Read-Aloud Stories

Michael Rosen - Stories and Poems


Year 3/4 High Frequency Words

Daily Exercise Ideas

Cosmic Yoga

Joe Wicks PE - Scroll down for Kids

Weekly Work

Below, you will find regularly updated links and documents with tasks that your child is expected to complete. They will be updated in time for Monday, Wednesday and Friday learning time.

In addition to these activities, your child will be expected to practice their times tables, spelling words and handwriting. 

Friday, 27th March


Read 'The Closet Creature', then answer all the questions below the text. 


Re-tell the story from the cat's point of view.


Here is a maths puzzle for you. You can use dried pasta, lego or anything else you have around that would be suitable, copy the grid and off you go. Have fun.


Research the water cycle

Draw a diagram and label it with the words evaporation, condensation, precipitation.


Where else can you spot evaporation and condensation. (Clue: Look out for it in your kitchen and bathroom!)