School Improvement Priorities

Our successes in 2016/17

We’ve had a big emphasis on raising attainment in Maths, and we’re pleased to see the fruits of our work. In particular, we saw a significant rise in KS1 Maths attainment, to above the national average. 

We’re delighted in the increase in the percentage of children working at expected standards in reading, writing and maths – the combined measure.

We have also seen an improvement in the Good Level of Development measure at the end of Reception and in the Year 1 phonics screening test. 

We’ve continued to work hard on children having more accuracy and rigour in their writing. 

We’ve changed the way our Teaching Assistants work in the afternoons, which has allowed us to do more one to one writing support, as well as group support in phonics and maths. 

We wanted to improve attendance – we have, but not enough. 

Highlights of the year included Science Week, an amazing performance of Romeo and Juliet by Year 6, a sunny International Day whole school performance and a visit to the school from a Paralympian, inspiring us to be the best we can be.

Our plans for 2017/18

We all have high expectations of every child at SCSJ. In particular this year, we will be working on improving the comprehension skills of our children in reading – especially inferring meaning that isn’t explicit in the text, and understanding a broader range of vocabulary. Parents can help with this too by reading with and to their children. 

We are introducing Assertive Mentoring, which helps us keep track of children’s learning and helps us work more effectively with the children to understand and achieve their targets. They also give a framework to our parent/teacher consultations.

We are very pleased with the sustained improvement in maths – we’re not resting on our laurels, but working with other schools this year on a mastery approach, and having an emphasis on quicker recall of times table facts. 

We continue to work on improving our writing – our children have fabulous ideas and good composition skills – we are continuing to include “edit and improve” lessons so these ideas can be shaped and perfected.

We are also keeping attendance high on our priority list. Parents can help by making sure their child is in school, on time, every day.