School Improvement Priorities

Our plan for 2019-20

  • Improve reading across the curriculum: 
    • We will be improving the quality of teaching in guided reading
    • There will be an improved phonics programme for early years and years one and two
    • The new library will be ready for children in Y3-6
    • New guided reading books will be purchased for the early stages of reading
  • Develop a broad curriculum
    • Improve teachers’ subject knowledge through continuing professional development
    • Create a provision map which includes detailed provision in science, history and geography
    • Create knowledge organisers in science, history and geography which can be shared with parents and children
    • Improve pupils’ vocabulary knowledge
    • Ensure there are opportunities for children to write for different purposes across a range of subjects
  • Working together across the federation of St Thomas’ and St Clement and St James 
    • Continue to ensure schools maintain their own identities and ethos while working together on a shared vision for both school
    • Look at how we can make savings through shared purchasing of resources
    • Share continuing professional development for staff
    • Pay careful attention to staff workload and well-being by dong less, better
    • Improve our IT infrastructure so we can share resources between the schools
    • Work together as one federated governing body

Ofsted included some areas for development in their most recent report:

  • For teachers to build on the improvements in writing at KS2 to provide a greater consistency of high-quality practice, particularly for middle-attaining pupils and boys. 
  • To continue to reduce persistent absenteeism, particularly for children in the Reception Year, so that the number of days on which pupils miss school falls further.