The governing body has overall responsibility for managing the school effectively. It meets six times a year under the leadership of the Chair of Governors. The Executive Headteacher is responsible for the internal organisation, management and day-to-day control of the school. She is accountable to the governing body for the decisions she takes. The Executive Headteacher and the governing body take joint responsibility for the strategic direction of the school and for ensuring that the school spends its money efficiently. In addition, governors are involved in the appointment of staff, monitoring the school curriculum and maintaining and developing the school premises.


Much of the work of the governing body is done through a committee structure. There are four committees with delegated powers to make decisions:

Finance and Premises Committee

The Finance and Premises Committee assists the headteacher in all budgeting and financial matters, including the management of the school’s long-term budget in a strategic way that ensures that development aims and objectives are met.

They monitor that all financial procedures are followed properly and that all financial and premises statutory requirements are met. They ensure the premises are well-maintained and fit for purpose. The committee meets twice a term.


Rosemary Hook (chair), Anna Yang Schull, Jane Bretherton, Charlotte-Lewis Smith, Sandra Duggan, Sean Doherty.

Personnel and Pay Committee

The Personnel and Pay Committee meets at least once a year to recommend pay decisions to the Governing Body. The committee also has oversight of all employment policies and the staff structure.


Sean Doherty (chair), Angela Thompson-Smith, Rosemary Hook.

Learning and Teaching Committee

The Learning and Teaching Committee scrutinises the progress and attainment of children in the school and ensures that standards of learning and teaching are high. Members include the link governors for Maths, English and Special Educational Needs. The committee meets at least once a term, and also from time to time visits the school as a committee to look at different areas of the school improvement plan.


Angela Thompson-Smith (chair), Carrie Musson, Anna Yang Schull (Maths link governor), Olivia Dix, Emma Khatib (SEN Governor), Sean Doherty.

Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee is responsible for the implementation of the school’s admissions policy, as well as for recommending reviews of or alterations to the policy to the Governing Body. 


Alan Everett (chair), Sandra Duggan, Nina Masroh, Jane Bretherton, Rosemary Hook

Working Groups

Working groups are formed from time to time for specific purposes – eg the development of the playground, monitoring worship.

Safeguarding Governors: Nina Masroh and Carrie Musson

Looked After Children Governor: Angela Thompson-Smith

Health and Safety Governor: Sean Doherty

SEN Governor: Emma Khatib