Building and Maintenance

Our last big project was the redevelopment of the playground in summer 2016, which we’ve been planning for a while. A new astroturf sports pitch and goals was installed; new adventure equipment; a stage area; a quiet area for story-telling; and new markings for other games. We love it!

At the same time, the Nursery rebuilding was completely redecorated, and the office and medical room space in the main school reconfigured to make a larger office space. Now the office staff don't have to hotdesk, which makes our work much more efficient. 

The school had its health and safety audit in spring 2017, with no major actions to address. 

Future plans include replacement of some fire doors to meet recently updated fire regulations, refurbishment of the Reception/KS1 toilets, and a new cycle of redecoration (starting with replacement of the carpet in the ICT room, and redecorating of the corridors).

In November 2017 the Annual Condition Survey was completed, and governors will prioritise works in the Finance and Premises committee.